Descendants of
  George Washington Huntoon

"This is a picture of George W. Huntoon Sr. and Lucinda Huntoon, taken from a negative on glass in a copper frame, date unknown. My oldest brother, Walter R. Huntoon, was given this negative by Aunt Martha Huntoon Scott about 1930. She said: This is a picture of your great grandfather, George W. Huntoon and great grandmother, Lucinda." George William Huntoon (1905-1985), as told to Michael and Patricia Kelly-Oct. 1979


feature 1 History The Life of George Washington Huntoon. Taken from the book, "A House with a Heritage" by Michael Kelly and updated with information from many of his descendants.

feature 2 Census Records The information has been extracted from the actual 1850-1930 census records. These records are not complete and only give the basic information about the descendants. To see the complete information you would need to see the actual census record.

feature 3 Military Records Coming Soon! Data extracted from military records.(Civil War through WWII)

feature 4 Vital Records Indexes Data extracted from the following indexes: Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, California Marriage Index, Nevada Marriage Index, California Death Indexes and California Birth Index.


email imageAll information on this page is from my personal database and information contributed from other Huntoon descendants. While all effort has been made to research and confirm all of the data, some of it may not be accurate. If you have any information or knowledge about the descendants at this site, I would love to hear from you. I would also be happy to share additional information not posted. Any questions or comments about this site please contact us. I look forward to hearing from you.